The Tagaks/Herons Along Indang – Naic Road

There came a time when we were thinking of gunning every bird we see. From using a very sticky sap of langka and antipolo tree. We were placing the sap trap in a fruity tree where there were flocks of birds. Using the traditional balatik to shoot the feeding birds down. Using a large poled net in active bird capturing. It is literally similar to capturing butterfly using an insect net. Using a trap door. An open cage capable of closing immediately once a bird is in and triggered the trap mechanism. Up to, shooting the birds down with an air gun.

There are three reasons why men are hunting them:

To raise as pet, epecially the likes of endangered species lover.

To gather as food.

In exchange for money. Hunters are selling them to people under item one and two.

To show off sharp shooting skills. I hate people under this category.

People are changing. I changed too, now I hate people who gunning them down or capturing them just for some unreasonable leisure.

On my way to Naic via Indang – Naic road, I was suprised to see a group of herons feeding freely on wide rice paddies. No one was there to gun them down. And obviously, they could not stay there for long if somebody near the area want to disturb their peaceful life.

many tagaks at rice paddies indang naic roadthe tagak heron at indang naic roadSome herons can still be seen along Cavite Emilio Aguinaldo Highway. They are rare sight however, as more rice fields are being replaced by commercial establishments.

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