The Myth of Drinking Sterilized Milk Before X-Ray

Afraid of undergoing laboratory test like X-ray examination? Perhaps you are worried of the probability of sickness discovery. Being positive to any sickness might mean a denial of job application. You never want this thing to happen so using some means is an option.

What are the possible means to escape the real results of exam?

1) Using feces and urine from a perfectly healthy person. Preferably those who passed a recent laboratory exam.

2) When the doctor say inhale and exhale, you just simple raise the shoulder up and down. The same thing to do during the X-ray exam.

3) Drink sterilized milk right before the X-ray exam. No sickness can be seen.

I have never experienced the first two but I always do the third option. Ohh, not always because I skipped it once.

I always drink canned sterilized milk right before undergoing X-ray test. I was employed as contractual employee before. Securing medical and physical examination were requirements for renewal of contract. One time, I intentionally refrained from drinking sterilized milk and had the test right away. Guess what? The doctor detected a mild scoliosis. I was almost denied for re-contract.

The next year, I drank sterilized milk again and the slight scoliosis was not detected. I compared the two X-ray film, the previous was blurred while the latter was clear.

Maybe it was just a coincidence. Anyone there who have the same experience?

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  • Hey Im afraid because im smoker Would milk help me to hide it from xray

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