One Pail of Water for Taking a Bath

I installed a water tank so we have water whenever we need. We use water like heaven. Open the faucet while taking a bath. I am never sure how many pails of water I use every bath. It might be three or more.

Yesterday, one of the faucets broke. I closed the main valve and repaired it. We were unable to use it for over half day.

There was another problem. I needed to take a bath but I could not get water from faucet. Mother’s house nearby have two water drum but their water was nearly empty. It might not be enough for their use until the end of the day. I got only one pail. I should do something to make it enough.

pail of waterHere is the method I follow to make the pail of water enough for my bath:

1) Get one dipper of water. Stand straight. Then pour the water over the head very slowly. One dipper is enough to wet the whole body.
2) Get the soap and scrub it all over the body. Get the shampoo and wash the hair.
3) In case you are using a face towel, wet it. Then scrub it with soap until bubbly. Scrub the towel all over the body.
4) Lastly. Stand straight again. Pour water over the head very slowly. Repeat until all the soap are removed.

I finished taking a bath and there was still water left, about 1/5. Imagine if I do this trick regularly. I can save almost two pails of water a day or 60 pails of water a month.

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