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A Laptop Cooling Pad Test

I believe heat build-up is the enemy of every gadget. Whenever it heats up, the performance reduces. It maybe designed to handle high temperature but pushing it to its limits or letting it hot for long will shorten it service life. Every gadget needs proper cooling. The laptop for example. When its temperature gets too […]

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Android Smartphone as Portable Wifi Hotspot

I said Smart network is better than Globe when in comes to mobile internet. It has fewer connection failures and no subscription rejects. However, I am still thinking, what if a different gadget will give a better connection using the same network. Better network plus better gadget = better connection, better browsing experience and more […]

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Dealing With Bouncing Emails

A follow up post of “Changing WordPress Default Sender Email and Preventing Incidental Spamming“. I installed the plugin Bounce for WordPress in attempt to automatically catch failed deliveries and delete them from mailing list. However, the plugin seems not functioning as I expected. Delivery failures keep flocking to my inbox. It seems one of the […]

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Head to Head | Smart and Globe Prepaid Internet

After two weeks of side-by-side comparison, we noticed we are getting better service with Smart prepaid internet. Me and my friend both have the same brand and model of Huawei Mobile Wifi E5220. We were using both Globe Sim before but I switched to Smart sim in hope of getting better internet service. We have […]

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Trying The Smart Unli Internet 50 with Huawei Pocket WIFI

What is good about having an Open-line Pocket Wifi? Pocket modem dedicated to specific network are more affordable and thereby preferred by many. However, getting one leaves no choice but to use that network specific sim. Switching to other network means buying another device. It is not a hard thing to do provided you have […]

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Capacitor Replacement for Capacitor Start Motor

If after turning on the power, the capacitor motor never start running, it made a sound “innnnggggggggg!”. Using palm, give the wheel a hard push followed by a really quick hand retraction. If the motor starts running, then perhaps you have a bad capacitor. Capacitor AC motors will run even without capacitors. However, starting it […]

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