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A Self-Modified LCD Protector For Camera

I am very satisfied with my current Sony NEX 5N camera. Getting pictures is astonishingly fast. It captures good quality pictures and can even shot perfectly in low light conditions. I am guessing the touchscreen LCD is not happy during normal operation and when in storage bag. My fingers is frequently touching the LCD leaving […]

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Why I Chose A Sony NEX Mirrorless Camera Line?

I got a new Sony NEX 5N mirrorless camera. This serves as replacement for my old Canon Powershot A520. When I first heard of this mirrorless camera thing, I waited patiently for Canon to release their very own version. They did the release after few years and it seemed they were the last company do […]

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Joy Dishwashing Liquid To Revive Dead Motherboards

Do you ever desired to fix a computer motherboard or any of its peripherals badly? You have tried everything but the situation seemed to be hopeless? A small piece of advice. When the situation becomes hopeless, do not waste time thinking and squeezing the brain yours. Calm yourself and buy a new component the next day. If the […]

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