Oil Lamp from Used Cooking Oil

Oil lamp is very useful in case of brown outs. It is very cheap and long lasting. Depending on size of your wick, a 100 ml oil is enough to light your dark room overnight. Plus it can be made out of used cooking oil.

I was able to made one after the typhoon Basyang. This typhoon wrecked some trees, houses, agricultural plots and Meralco electric post resulting in electric power loss. We had no electricity from 12 midnight until 10 pm of the next day. Candles and oil lamp lighted our house. My little oil lamp beat 2 large hard candles and 2 small ordinary candles. No joke, candles nowadays are quick melting. Quicker melt = more candles used = more profit. Not a nice business strategy.

Time to make a light!

1. You need a small piece of wire, piece of cloth, old drinking glass, sand and used cooking oil. Used automobile oil can be used but will emit blacker smoke. Use virgin coconut oil or mineral oil with scent for stress therapy.

2. Make a wick by twining the cloth and small piece of wire. Form a coil at wire tip to serve as stand.

3. Place the wick into old drinking glass. Put some sand to reinforced the base. Then carefully fill it with oil. The wick tip should protrude one to two centimeters above liquid surface.

4. Now your oil lamp is ready. Wet the wick tip with oil before firing it up.


1. Don’t touch the glass side because it can get very hot.
2. If you are going to leave the lamp overnight, place it in basin with water. A fire prevention tip in case someone accidentally toss it.

See my oil lamp in action.

used oil lamp

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