Santol Wood Is Resistant to Bukbok – Insect Wood Borer

My godfather hired two workers to build a nipa hut. Staying there during hot weather is very comfortable. All materials are made of wood and bamboo. Roofing is made of coconut leaves called pawid. These are poor sun’s heat absorber.

The wood he chose for skeletal frame is santol. Guess why?

The public enemy number one of wood other than water is bukbok. It bore small holes, feed and live inside. A newly built nipa hut could be destroyed by these small insects in months.

santol woodA good choice for building nipa hut is santol. Wood pest cannot feed and live on this wood. True indeed cause I have never seen santol with bukbok infestation.

I has one major weakness though. It is very week compared to yakal, langka, nara and other good lumber. Not recommended as permanent housing material.

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