Natural Regeneration Pattern of Sugar Palm (Arenga pinnata (Wurmb) Merr.)

A study was conducted to analyze the pattern of natural regeneration of Kaong in the riparian ecosystem of Indang, Cavite. Specifically, the study aimed to determine the range and distribution of Kaong plants and wildlings; determine floristic composition and structure in Kaong natural stands; analyze the seed dispersal pattern attributable to non-volant mammals; and analyze the relationship between animals and other vegetation, and the distribution of Kaong plants. The study was conducted in the riparian ecosystem of CvSU Main Campus, Barangay Bancod, Indang, Cavite from September 2008 to March 2009.

Three observation plots were established in the site to determine and facilitate the different factors involved in the natural regeneration of Kaong. The study revealed that aside from animals, which served as the major dispersers of Kaong seeds, other factors can also contribute to the natural regeneration of Kaong. Other vegetations affect the process of regeneration as indicated by the high density and diversity values obtained within each plot. Results also showed that high diversity did not assure equal distribution of different species in a community. High abundance of species was observed within each plot. For the microclimate variations, light intensity and temperature values were low in the area favoring the growth and reproduction of Kaong plants and other species of plants present. The large distribution of canopies in the study area contributed to the regulation of the values of light intensity and temperature. Soil topography affected the distribution of Kaong seeds.

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