No Tinted Helmet and Two Plate Numbers for Motorcycles

There are several reasons why outlaws love motorcycle as get away vehicle for doing crimes. Noticed that many untoward incidents involve motorcycles.

1) Motorcycles are small. It can go through heavy traffics and narrow roads. This is a disadvantage for policemen riding in cars. Chasing is hard or not even possible.

2) Motorcycles have small plate numbers. Reading it from afar is hard.

3) Motorcycles have only one plate number, on back part. Plate identification of approaching vehicle is not possible.

4) The tinted helmet. Outlaws can wear tinted helmet. Tinted windshield are not allowed for cars for the easy identification of the enemies of law. The ban is not implemented yet for under bone bike visors.

The Highway Patrol Group suggested a more strict regulation against motorcycles. The purpose is to lower the motorcycle related crimes. They want to make the plate bigger, an additional plate on front and ban the wearing of tinted visors.

I think they have a good point!

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