How to Save Electricity, Meralco Tipid Tips

Are you having problems with your high electric bill. It is now time to save electricity. There are many ways to keep your electric bill to minimum. Here are some Meralco tipid tips to watch.

1) Unplug unused appliances. You are not using them but they still consume up to 20% of its electricity requirement.

2) Always keep the refrigerator door closed and avoid opening it too often. Refrigerators are power hungry. Every time the door is open, some cold air escapes and the motor needs to work hard again to keep the temperature low.

When buying a new refrigerator, choose a six cubic size because is optimal for home use.

3) Choose a florescent bulb as house light. They are more expensive than ordinary incandescent bulb but last longer and consume less electricity. A 15 watts florescent bulb is brighter than 40 watts incandescent bulb.

4) The Ultimate Tip. Discard or don’t buy unnecessary appliances. My brother is paying only 5 to 10 pesos per month for electricity. They only have three fluorescent bulb and a television. They store their food stuffs in my mother’s refrigerator. A great saving !

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