Salinase Nasal Drop / Spray and Cough

Whenever the simple colds hit our place, almost all family members have it. Some are telling me that single cold virus strain can only affect a person once. The affected person will develop immunity after. We often catch cold because there are thousand of colds virus strains and they are evolving over time.

One consequence of cold is the overproduction of mucous. Some of it try to flow inside the lungs. The lungs will threat mucous as foreign matter and will try to expel it by means of coughing.

There are many ways to prevent coughing but I am only sharing one technique. This was discovered by father. Every time he has cold and cough, he spays salinase solution to his nose every few hours. His coughing syndrome ceases after salinase application.

All of us three have colds. My wife and my son are coughing already. I am not coughing. I am using salinase solution every few hours.

sodium chloride salinaseThe real purpose of salinase solution is the prevention of clogged nose.

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