Kutsay, commonly known as Chives (Allium schoenoprasum Linn.), is known for its culinary uses. This plant is widely used in salads and dressings and is the smallest, though the finest flavored of the onion tribe. It belongs to the plant family Lilaceae. It is both cultivated, and grown wild. The leaves are hollow, cylindrical and closed at the top. The bulbs grow very close together in dense clusters. The seeds are black and two or three-seeded. This can be also use as herbal medicine.

kutsay plant

kutsay seeds

For its medicinal uses:

  • Used as an appetizer and digestive.
  • Used against anemia.
  • Reduces body pain.
  • Helps fight tumors and bleeding piles.

How to use the plant:

  • The whole plant is eaten when fresh to take care of the ailments listed under Medicinal use.

According to a reliable source, this plant can be a cure for Gout. All we have to do is get the leaves of Kutsay and grind it. After grinding the leaves, just apply it on the affected part and wrap it with bandage or cloth.

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