Treating Canker Sore with Kamillosan M Spray Solution

I bit my inner cheek twice. It resulted to canker sores. Two canker sores next to each other. Sores which were causing slight pain when jaws  was in still position. Extreme discomfort when chewing any kind of food. Clinging foods on sores were causing pain and not the chewing itself.

Before, I was using lime solution as treatment, mixture of tawas and warm water. The solution was astringent and painful but usually cured the wound after a day or two. However, it never brought any good result the last time I had canker.

Canker sore usually heals after few days. Only few days of discomfort. The canker of mine lasted for almost two weeks. That long was not reasonable so I started looking for effective relief.

Auntie recommended Daktarin Oral Gel. I drove to nearest generic drug store and asked for one. I was shocked. The small tube of cream cost over 250 pesos. I was short on budget. I asked for a cheaper alternative. The staff gave me the Canker -Mouth Sore Solution (Potassium Alum Sodium Chloride Acetic Acid). It cost only 38 pesos so I got one.

At home, I got cotton bud  to dab the sore with the cheap medicine. I knew it will surely hurt.

Before the initial treatment was done, my wife joined the scene. She suddenly remembered we have a Kamillosan M Spray Solution. A liquid specially formulated for curing mouth ailments such as canker sore.

I chose Kamillosan for my treatment. The reason. It was relatively easy to apply. Just point to affected area and pressed the spray button.

kamillosan and cankerApplication instruction: Spray twice three times day.

The first spray  was unforgettable. It hurt so much that my tears dropped and saliva flows out. The second brought pain, but not as painful as the first. The sore was almost cured after sixth applications. I can also eat with ease after.

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