Taking Medicine Immediately at Onset of Illness

Having an ankle pain is a real pain. It is painful when doing nothing. Even more painful when walking and cannot run due to sudden deep pain impulse.

My old friend had an experience about this feeling. He was taking  pain killer every time the pain commence. It was too late when he knew that the source of pain is his failing kidney. His liver was also severely affected due to wrong drug intake. He could possibly take proper medication if he got aware early.

Many of us have the habit of taking medicine immediately at early onset of illness, even for light diseases like cold and fever. Taking Cortal for headache  and  Alaxan for muscle pains. We take them without doctor’s prescription. We take them cause our fried also took the same kind.

The habit have the following downside:

1) Our body has its own immune mechanism. It works every time a disease is detected. Taking medication immediately deprives the  immune system of its duty.

2) The medicine might not be the right type and may cause more damage instead of relief.

3) Immunity to drugs. Improper antibiotic intake might lead to  antibiotic resistance. The next time the person gets ill, the previous medicine will not work. A stronger medication is needed.

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