Made Handicrafts From Water Lilies/Hyacinth To Solve Flood Problems

While the residents of Cotobato are busy removing tons of water hyacinths from Delta Bridge of Rio Grande de Mindanao river, the residents of  Las Piñas are making different handicraft products out of water lilies.water hyacinth lily by ted center

They harvesting water lilies (stalks) from Zapote river. Then dry in oven or under sun’s heat. Pass it through a flattening machine. Then it is used for making variety of handicrafts like bags, basket, chair, lampshade, bayong and slippers.

Water lily fiber is as strong as abaca, softer to weave. Their products are popular both local and export.

Clogging of Rio Grande de Mindanao have caused wide spread flood in Cotobato City. De-clogging duty is a joint force of army, DPWH, local government unit and local residents.

More residents using water lilies in create handicraft will mean lesser flood problems. Time will come that we need to culture them to meat local and foreign demands.

photo courtesy of ted center and agricultural research service (us)


  • Good Day. I just wanna ask where is the exact location in Las Pinas can I go to ask how to get/buy fibers of water hyacinth thank you..

    • Try contacting the address below!

      The Villar Foundation, Inc.
      Caroline Masibay Street,
      BF Resort Village, Talon 2, Las Piñas City
      Tel # 874-9238, 872-0735, 872-8540

  • Nice info… keep up the good works…

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