10 Versus 14 Inches Display

My previously beloved desktop computer had a 15 inches old style LCD screen.  What I mean with old style is the square build rather than wide rectangular make-up. My USB-Linux powered Compaq Presario has 14 inches monitor. And the new Toshiba NB520 has the smallest 10 inches screen.

Large screen or small screen?  What are the benefits of larger working space.

– The term large is the greatest benefit. Larger text and images can be displayed with it. Perfect for eye comfort and preferred by four-eyed persons.

– Drag and drop. Dragging and dropping, the shortcut to copy and paste command execution is easy. Open two folder windows side by side and drag and drop whatever files.

– Multitasking. Watching motion film while doing school reports. Watching music videos while writing blog articles. I cannot do this thing anymore with my Toshiba Netbook. The 10 inches screen is too narrow.

– Larger keyboard. Of course, larger screen comes with a wider and more comfortable keyboard. A keyboard complete with number pad for extra large laptops. The likes of 17 inches and up.

Let us take a look at smaller screens. The first few days with my netbook were nightmares. The adjustment period with just 10 inches screen.  On the other hand, it also comes with great benefits.

– Small, sleek and light weight. Easy to carry, place inside any regular bag and go. Often, people around would never expect you are carrying one.

– Lower power consumption. Smaller electronic components have lower power consumption too.

– More affordable. Prices are significantly lower than full range laptops and desktops.

– Sexier. I find carrying notebook sexier than using wider and bulkier laptop. Do you feel the same way?

small netbook display

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