The Making of Vermitea

This short story was part of my masteral thesis requirements. The original plan was to buy a freshly prepared vermitea but the only available material was the vermicast. The first comes from the latter and it would only take 24 hours to prepare what I need.

1) I asked my wife to buy a vermicast for me. She is a Department of Agriculture employee and making vermicast is one of their projects.

2) I measured two cups of vermicast. Filled it in old stockings. Inserted it in 6 liters mineral water bottle. Tied the upper end on bottle handle to keep the vermicast in container’s upper portion. Filled with tap water. And added two tablespoon sugar.

3) Provided the container with continuous aeration for 24 hours. The experiment used the aquarium aerator for this purpose.

making vermiteaAccording to my wife, the biologically active solution is good for three days.

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