Spare PVC Pipe for Balcony Hydroponics

This blog post was a part of my subject requirements
in Master of Science in Agriculture Program.

marvin v. vicedo

Our professor required us to setup an experiment about hydroponics lettuce. Do all the recommended or literature proven steps except for one thing. Do not use the commercially prepared hydroponic solution. Instead, use a medium like wood vinegar, tea manure and the likes. We are free to choose any two organic media.

I thought of it for a while. I thought of a space saver setup. The one that I could attached to our balcony fence. I made up my mind after two weeks. I decided to use the spare Neltex type lying on our balcony for months. It was a part of several pvc pipes I bought for our roof downspout. It was a “d’tres” pvc pipe.

I  cut it to halves. Bought four Neltex PVC elbows. The fact is, different pvc pipes brands of the same measurement category do not fit well. Glued an elbow on both pipe ends with pvc pipe cement. I made sure that the two curves were facing the same direction. Then drilled eight equally spaced holes on each pipe assembly. Take note that elbow holes and the eight holes are all facing the same direction.

neltex pvc pipes and elbowseight equally spaced holes on pvc pipesThe sun set and the surrounding begin to darken. I think this is enough for today. I need to each dinner and do other chores.

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