How To Make LABS : Lactic Acid Bacteria Serum

The Lactic Acid Bacteria Serum or LABS is made from rice wash and pure milk. The manufacturing process is similar to yogurt processing. It is one of the concoction product by the Korean Natural Farming Association. It was introduced by  Han Gyue Cho, Manager of Natural Farming Institute, Korea.

LABS gives strength to weak plants, increases fruit size, provide defense against fungus and viruses. It can be used as soil conditioner or fertilizer. Can be mixed with other microorganisms  as inoculant for compost making.

The Making of LABS, it sounds love!

Materials needed:
1 glass rice wash
1 kg muscovado sugar or molasses
1 pc manila paper
30 tbsp powdered milk
3-5 container bottle
3-5 pcs of rubber band
10 glasses of water

1) Save one glass of the first rice washing and pour it to container with lid.
2) Add ten glasses of water.
3) Put the container with rice wash in a cool and shaded place for at least five to seven days.
4) After seven days, lactic acid bacteria will float. It has sour smell.
5) Strain the water to a container.
6) Add skim or powdered milk at three tbsp per ten glasses of labs.
7) Cover with manila paper and rubber band. Store for five to seven days.
8) The carbohydrate , protein and fat will float leaving a yellow liquid (serum)
9) Gather only the floating yellowing fat. It can be added to compose file or animal feed.
10) Store the pure lactic acid bacteria in refrigerator for later use.
11) Add equal amount of sugar/ molasses diluted with 1/3 water to have a pure acid bacteria serum.

How to apply

Use 4-8 tbsp of LABS/gallon water or one liter of LABS /drum or 200 liters water. Use as basic spray to the leaves, soil, and compost. It can also be added to animal feed.


  • thank you for this simple and easy to follow procedure in producing LABS. more power to LUNTIAN CORNER

  • Thnx for the help guys.. it really helped my study..

  • Fine day, I merely hopped over on your own website
    through StumbleUpon. Not something Id in most cases read, conversely I appreciated how you feel none the
    less. Thanks for making something price reading.

  • Hello Admin!

    Thanks for the information about LABS. But according to my research, there is a confusion between the two concern “Gather only the floating yellowing fat” and “yellow liquid(serum)”. What is true lactic acid?
    some sites said that the yellow liquid, but in your site the yellow fat.
    Looking forward in your good company. Thank you and more power.

    • 9) Gather only the floating yellowing fat. It can be added to compose file or animal feed.
      Basically what he meant is you gather the floating yellow fat so you can discard it or add it on compose. The remaining liquid is your true LAB

  • Done mine, it smells sour, but l am using it for yogut production. Thanks its really marvelous.

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