How To Make Idigenous Microorganisms, IMO

Indigenous microorganisms (IMO) are effective and powerful minute creatures that can improve soil and plant health. A concoction products produced by the Korean Natural Farming Association. It was introduced by Han Gyue Cho, Manager of Natural Farming Institute, Korea. IMO

IMO is used as soil amendment, can be mixed with soil to increase microorganisms. It is an ingredient for making fermented organic fertilizer. It speed up composting. Revive soil nutrients. Can control nematode, bacterial wilt, damping off and cucumber mosaic viruses of vegetable crops such as tomato, eggplant and ampalaya.

Gather the needed materials.
1 container
1 kg cooked molasses or brown sugar
1 manila paper
1 rubber band

Follow the following steps.
1) Look for possible area in your farm for trapping IMO (e.g. old healthy tree, bamboo trees and rice field).
2) Place cooked steamed rice on flat container with lid cover.
3) Bury the cooked rice in the selected area for about two to ten days. Make sure it is protected from predators.
4) Check the container of cooked rice if there is a presence of white colored mold or orange and blue mold.
5) Once they are present, the rice was already inoculated with the right organisms.

Now, make the concoctions.
1) Mix the inoculated rice with molasses or brown sugar.
2) Cover with manila paper and rubber band.
3) Let stand for a week until sticky.
4) Add one part mollasses / brown sugar to one part rice. It is now a liquid IMO
5) The solution can be stored in glass bottle for six months. Loosen the cap to allow aeration.
6) Shake the bottle once a week to provide air for the microorganisms.
7) Feed the IMO with 20% of its volume with molasses or brown sugar.
8) The product should be discarded once a foul odor is observed.

The product is mixed with water and sprayed during soil preparation. Apply to plant during early vegetative growth. Avoid use during dry season.

— One liter IMO to one drum or 200 liter of water
— 4-8 tbsp per gallon

courtesy of da  iv-a Рtechgen-bar

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