The Unexpected Globe Tattoo 800MB Data Limit

I have the feeling that Globe Tattoo SuperSurf promos are not real unlimited internet. For example, SuperSurf50 unlimited for one day is capped to a certain point. I never know what is the cap limit though. As experience of proof, I am experiencing sudden slow down after watching few YouTube videos. This incidence happens very often.

It is Thursday today. My SuperSurf200 subscription will last until tomorrow, Friday – no office work so I would like to maximize the remaining hours. I have real good land-line connection at home – this surely is useless.

While surfing, I downloaded YouTube music videos one after another. After getting about 15 mp4 videos, a series of messages from 8888 arrived. They are reminding me that I have already used 800MB. I can still use the remaining surfing hours tomorrow subject to acceptable user policy.  My connection was not cut but I wasn’t able to surf any web page. I felt disgusted. I was rushing to finish my school assignment so I can move to other real money work.

Here is the full message copy.

Number: 8888
GLOBE Advisory:Your data subscription for today has reached 800mb. Your remaining browsing hours will resume tomorrow subject to promo validity. You may opt to forfeit your remaining subscription to browse for P5/15 or you may dial *143# for FREE and press “CALL” to register to any surfing promo. To unsubscribe text SUPERSURF STOP or POWERSURF STOP to 8888.Guided by Globe Acceptable Use Policy. Visit
Time: 1/17/2013 3:21:44 PM

It is a SuperSurf200. Unlimited internet for 5 days with hidden catches.

a series of messages from 8888 globe


  • gamit kayo ng cheatengine 6.2 para ma bug ung data usage

  • ako nga post paid gamit kong globe tattoo pocket wifi eh naiexperince ko pa rin ang limit ng downloads nila wtf kakabwiset mandin.

  • bullshit … fuckshiit… tanginang shit…

    grabe ka globe mag sirado na nga kayo waz wenta pwee!!! ….

  • badtrip tlga yang globe n yan, 2 pa man din ang broadband ko ng globe, tangshit, puputulin bgla anong klaseng unlimited yan na limited nmn pala. ndi ko tuloy mtapos project ko sa putchang globe na yan. taragis.

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